Making Summer Travel Plans for Seniors

Taking a successful vacation when you are a caregiver requires planning and coordination. Here are some things to consider when planning your time away from home. Vacationing With Your Loved One Is the destination accessible for my loved one’s abilities? Are doorways wide enough for a wheelchair or walker? Will the bathroom accommodate your routine? […]

Normal vs. Not Normal Aging

As a person ages either they, or those close to them, begin to notice some changes in their memory. This class will delve into the changes that occur naturally in the brain and are expected versus changes that are out of the ordinary and may need to be addressed by a physician. Join us as […]

Prime Living Aiken Standard

Prime Living Aiken Standard September 2021 Kara Flanders Director of Business Development DayBreak Adult Care Services Do you have a White Card, or do you think you might be eligible for one? My job as the Business Development Director of DayBreak Adult Care Services is to assist families with the process that can be arduous […]

Hope for the Holidays

Caregivers are stretched to the max most of the year, but the stress can take on an entirely different meaning during the holiday season. Expectations and Traditions First and foremost, caregivers must be realistic. Our culture tends to paint a perfect holiday picture of families gathered around a fireplace, drinking eggnog, and laughing happily. That […]

Older Man Having Eye Examination
The importance of eye exams

The importance of an eye exam for seniors should be stressed year-round. If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved one, make sure an eye exam is part of his or her regular medical regimen. Adults age 55 to 64 need a complete general eye exam every one to three years. Adults 65 and […]

Eyeing the Storm

Finding Clarity in Turbulent Times – Learn how to stay focused and hopeful when confronting life’s unexpected challenges. Whether you live along the eastern or southern coasts of the United States, along the Gulf or whether you’re hundreds of miles away and witnessing nature’s fury from a safe distance, there are lessons all of us […]