Eyeing the Storm

Whether you live along the eastern or southern coasts of the United States, along the Gulf or whether you’re hundreds of miles away and witnessing nature’s fury from a safe distance, there are lessons all of us need to learn about what to do when Mother Nature gets her ire up. There are basic realities […]


Safe Spring and Summer activities to promote health in senior citizens

The spring and summer weather in Aiken presents plenty of opportunities for seniors to get outside and get active to maintain physical, emotional and mental health. DayBreak Adult Care Services provides in-home care and caregivers who can help seniors with many of these activities.

As we all know, though, it can get very hot and humid, so always keep that in mind when planning outside activities for senior citizen health and safety. Dress appropriately and stay well hydrated. Also be sure to only engage in activities that the senior in your care is able to do mentally and physically. Caregivers – whether DayBreak caregivers or loved ones taking care of senior parents – know better than anyone what will be best for senior citizen health and safety.

Here are some activities – outdoors and indoors – to consider:

Cook a fresh meal

Fresh produce tends to be more affordable and available this time of year. Cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables can provide valuable nutrition to seniors. Cooking also is a creative outlet that can give seniors a sense of purpose.

Engage in a craft

Art therapy provides creative stimulation for aging adults and those living with dementia. Working on a craft can help seniors express their emotions and develop fine motor skills.

Read a book

Whether in an air-conditioned living room or in the shade of the backyard, reading is a great activity for senior citizen health. If reading is difficult because of eyesight or other factors, consider audio books.

Stay active and cool

Swimming and water aerobics help seniors – who are able, of course – beat the heat and get some exercise. Other low-impact exercises include yoga, chair tai chi and balloon volleyball.

Get outside – safely

The heat might limit some outdoor activities, but it’s still important to get outside. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, which can help fight osteoporosis, anxiety and depression. Getting outside, even for a brief time, should be a priority for all aging adults, especially those with memory loss or dementia.

Try some of the following:

  • Watch the sunrise or sunset – these are cooler times of the day.
  • Find a spot in the shade for bird watching.
  • Consider taking a morning or evening walk. Be sure to bring along a bottle of water to avoid dehydration.

Play some games

Board games and card games are fun, competitive ways to help older adults stay engaged and socialize. For seniors who prefer quiet time, putting together a puzzle indoors can be an alternative.

Watch a movie

Movies provide an emotional escape and can take the focus off pain and ailments. Film therapy also offers a way to relax for those diagnosed with dementia. Allow seniors to choose the movie, but be sure to have several genres of available.

DayBreak’s experienced, compassionate caregivers are there to ensure senior citizen health and safety while giving your loved one the best quality of life possible. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with safe spring and summer activities for seniors.

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