Suggested Top Ten List for the New Year and Educational Series/Meetings to Attend in 2022
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At DayBreak Adult Care Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality, locally-owned in-home care. We also are skilled at helping our new clients obtain other services in the Aiken/Barnwell area to help the family and their caregivers in this journey. Hopefully, all of us have completed most of this Top 10 list, but if not, try to accomplish most of it to ensure you have a head start on your path forward.

Top 10 List:

1. Keep records of all medications and reactions: Make notes about what works, what doesn’t, and when you inform the physician of any problems.

2. Keep records of all doctor appointments: The reason for the visit, the doctor’s responses to our concerns, any procedures performed, etc.

3. Start or continue maintaining copies of medical records for your loved one – and yourself. These will be beneficial if there is a grievance or questions about medical histories.

4. Plan for the unexpected: Discuss the plans and wishes of everyone involved in the caregiving family. Talk about final resting places and the arrangements your family will want.

5. Fill out an Advance Directive and give it to the primary physician and all relatives who need the form. These include Power of Attorney (POA) and Health Care Power of Attorney.

6. Have a Testament completed or updated. Without a signed will, the courts will decide how to distribute the possessions of your loved ones.

7. Keep a record of where all important documents are kept. When an emergency or tragedy occurs, locating information should not be where we spend our thoughts and energy.

8. Record all monetary involvements: investments, resources creditors, debtors, business transactions, etc.

9. Get an insurance analysis done. Are your home, life, and health insurance still appropriate for your family’s needs? What about the insurance policies for your loved ones? Do you all have enough coverage to take care of any eventuality? Do you have provisions for long-term care? For respite care? Is your house adequately covered given the state of the weather patterns?

10. Clean out the medicine chest. Look for expiration dates on all medicines and check with your doctor about previous medications that will be harmful to current prescriptions or that are no longer effective for you or your loved one. Not only will you save space, you might also save a life.

DayBreak is partnering with the City of Aiken and Trinity on Laurens to provide monthly educational topics. The title for the first of this series is Living Loving and Lifelong Learning. These will be monthly educational seminars that will be offered from 10 a.m. to noon on first Tuesdays at the Lessie .B. Price Aiken Senior and Youth Center at 841 Edgefield Ave. SW. Contact the Center for a schedule of the topics being offered at 803-643-2181 and to register for the seminars. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, attendance is limited to 50 participants, and the cost is $5 per seminar. Snacks and educational handouts will be provided. All of these seminars are open to the public.

· First Tuesdays: Living, Loving, and Lifelong Learning Series – $5 fee

· Second Tuesdays: Alzheimer Caregiver Support Group – free

· Third Tuesdays, Lewy Body Dementia Support Group – free

Linda H. Lucas, Community Relations Director and Marketing

Kara B. Flanders, Director of Business Relations and DOL/EEOICP Liaison