Mistakes Made When Choosing In-Home Care for Adult Patients

Mistakes made when choosing in-home care for adult patients

Providing care for elderly loved ones – perhaps even for yourself- can be daunting. The biggest mistake many people make is not doing their research.

Research your best options for your needs – assisted living? In-home care? – then research the best candidates within each option. It might seem overwhelming at first, but the time and money you’ll save is worth it. Even easier, consult with Daybreak Adult Care Aiken for some options you might not know are available. Don’t assume we’re not affordable – give us a call. Save yourself and your family time and money and investigate your options with someone who is knowledgeable and caring.

Someone to advocate for your elderly loved one is invaluable. The staff available to you for in-home care from an agency speaks to the quality of service you’ll be provided. Talk to the staff about their jobs and how they see their patients. Ask them questions about food quality, activities and aging to get an idea of how you think they’ll treat your loved one. Speak to their clients.

Daybreak invites you to contact us to chat or drop by for a visit. We’re happy to talk with you about how we’ll advocate for your loved one. Your caregivers’ personalities will have a huge impact on your loved one, and the way they feel about their employers will directly affect the level of care your loved one receives. Don’t be afraid to ask your caregivers how they feel about their jobs. Take a look around the offices and facilities where they work.

Read the fine print. Understand the contracts you’re signing so you won’t be surprised by hidden costs and you won’t have to fill gaps in care you didn’t realize existed. Ask how caregivers make use of backups in case they can’t make it or when they go on vacation. What is their policy if you can’t return home when you usually do? What if you need to leave home suddenly? A caring expert at Daybreak Adult Care Aiken knows all the right questions to ask.

Don’t make a hasty decision based on the short term. If you underestimate the care your loved one is going to need in years to come, it could lead to frequent changes in care facilities and in-home care, and that’s costly and emotional. Daybreak Adult Care Aiken has the experience to help you meet your loved one’s needs.